Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment in Westerville, OH - Westar DentalA toothache caused by a deeply decayed, infected tooth ranks as many people’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, root canal therapy has become a standard, time-honored treatment that can relieve your pain and save your tooth. Dr. Oh is an expert at root canal therapy, and his goals are to save your tooth and eliminate pain caused by the infected nerves.

If Dr. Oh determines that root canal therapy is appropriate for your situation, he will numb the tooth and gums, remove the infected tissue from inside the tooth, then place a soothing, sterile filler inside the canals. He then seals the canals so that no further infection can occur.

Millions of patients undergo root canal therapy every year. With innovative technologies and techniques, root canals have become routine procedures with a high success rate. Dr. Oh provides root canal therapy at Westar Dental that allows you to keep your tooth for many years and relieves your acute pain and discomfort. Call our office at (614) 568-4021 today for help.