Oral Sedation

Effective Help for Dental Anxiety in Westerville, OH

Dental Sedation in Westerville, OH - Westar DentalMany patients suffer from dental anxiety. If this is true in your case, you may be tempted to postpone dental visits until simple, routine treatments are no longer effective. Oral sedation is the solution for many anxious patients. At Westar Dental, Dr. Oh provides oral sedation for his patients with no need for intravenous injections or specialty referrals.

The drugs used for oral sedatives do not render you unconscious. Rather, they help you relax and perhaps even fall asleep during treatment. With oral sedation, you take the prescribed medication before your appointment. Although oral sedation causes drowsiness, you can still respond to questions and breathe totally on your own.

Dial (614) 568-4021 to discuss oral sedation with the team at Westar Dental. Oral sedation might be just what you need to overcome the fears that have kept you out of the treatment chair for too long.