Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Exam in Westerville, OH

Did you know one American dies every hour from oral cancer? That is why the American Cancer Society recommends all adults 18 years and older get screened for oral cancer at least once a year. If it is detected early, 90% of all oral cancer is curable.

A screening for oral cancer is a simple, painless procedure conducted by a dentist. Dr. Oh gently feels the cheeks, tongue, under the tongue, hard and soft palate, neck, and lips. He is checking for lumps, bumps, colored patches, sores, ulcerations, or any other tissue changes that might be considered abnormal. Dr. Oh performs an oral cancer screening as one element of every routine examination.

As with most cancers, early detection of oral cancer is key to reducing the need for invasive treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. While oral cancer screenings are intended to be precautionary rather than diagnostic, if Dr. Oh finds an abnormality, he can make recommendations for further testing, lifestyle changes, or a specialty referral, if needed.

Many oral cancer lesions are painless, and patients are often unaware of them before it is too late. Dr. Oh can evaluate all the tissues in your mouth and give you advice about reducing your risk. Call Westar Dental at (614) 568-4021 today to get an appointment for a routine examination that will include a screening for oral cancer.