Dental Crowns

Tooth Caps in Westerville, OH

Dental Crowns in Westerville, OH - Westar DentalBroken, deeply decayed, discolored, and misaligned teeth cause pain – both physical and psychological. Some teeth become too decayed or damaged to be repaired with a simple filling. This is when crowns come to the rescue.

Crowns encase the entire tooth to restore damaged teeth and improve appearance. Modern materials, such as durable porcelain, zirconia, or ceramic, are used for both beauty and durability. Dr. Oh at Westar Dental can recommend the best materials for your situation.

After removing decay or damaged tooth tissue, Dr. Oh reshapes the tooth into a strong base to hold the crown.  He will help you select the perfect color to match your other teeth. When your new crown is ready, Dr. Oh cements the crown onto your tooth’s prepared base.

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